There was nothing that did everything that was needed.

So we created Poleepo.

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Initial Configuration

Start working with Poleepo right away without losing any operations with your sales.

Step-by-step setup wizard.
Initial import of products from all sales channels you use.
Verification of product-code matching on all sales channels.
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Intelligent Algorithms

Lots of tools that analyze your data in real time and help you make the best decisions.

Calculation of commission costs for each Marketplace.
Calculation of actual profit (pre-shipment) and expected profit (post-shipment) per individual order.
Suggesting the most convenient courier based on the contracts signed.
Display quantities sold by individual product.
Graphs and dashboards with customized filters and real-time updated data.
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Manage your inventory in the most streamlined way possible, from detail information to massive transactions.

Automatic synchronization of product information from all sales channels with duplicate verification (by SKU code, EAN or MPN).
Customization of product information independently by individual sales channel.
Intelligent product search (by title, SKU, barcode, supplier, sales channels, etc.).
Management of products with variations (size, color, etc.)
Customizable VAT field for individual product.
Mass operations on individual product information, with manual filters or from CSV files, also programmable via URL.
Download the product catalog in CSV, complete or with custom filters.
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Define the rules for correctly classifying your products on each sales channel.

Automatic mapping of Marketplace categories to Poleepo categories.
Create, edit and export your eCommerce categories in Excel format.
Integrated management of all product categories on Poleepo, regardless of sales channel.
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Streamline processes by managing orders from all your sales channels in an integrated way.

Automatic and centralized receipt of orders from all sales channels.
Printing of single order and multiple orders, detailing sales information and product photos.
Intelligent order search (by name, product code, customer, date, sales channel, etc.).
Individual order progress status management.
Manual handling of orders with problems.
Customized notes on individual order.
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Manage inventories manually or let Poleepo find the fastest and cheapest solutions for you.

Priority handling of stock at the lowest price per order received.
Synchronization of inventories from multiple vendors with bulk updating via CSV.
Dedicated additional interface for manual updating of stock from cash/cashier.
Calculation of total availability between that of suppliers and own stock.
Automatic reporting of orders with insufficient stock.
Management of differentiated purchase prices for its own stock and that of individual Suppliers.
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Couriers and shipping

Give Poleepo once the information he needs and enjoy unprecedented speed.

Simplified initial configuration of the major Couriers in Italy.
System entry of its own specific Contract for calculating forecast costs on the individual order.
Automatic management of shipment weight obtained from product information.
Real-time monitoring of shipment status.
Immediate communication of the tracking code.
Print waybill in 1 click.
Automatic marking indication on the waybill.
Ability to ship and pick up goods at default or custom addresses.
Handling of multiple orders in one shipment and partial shipments with separate waybills for individual orders.
Management of insured shipments.
Intelligent search with specific filters (e.g., search by shipping code, waybill, shipment status, pickup address, etc.).
Print pick list of items available for shipment.
Print summary borderos for the carrier attesting to the pickup of the goods to be shipped.
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Sales Channels

Lots of solutions to achieve maximum service and sales results with your customers.

Support of multiple payment methods based on active Sales Channels.
Product availability customized by price range and automatically updated on actual inventory (to avoid Marketplace constraints and communicate desired level of scarcity to customers).
Automatic updating of prices on Amazon based on preferences entered (automatic re-pricing).
Template support for eBay listings.
Publication of the authorized selection of Products from their FB Shop.
Configuring automatic redirection of Facebook users to your E-Commerce or eBay Store.
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Assign precise responsibilities and roles to work peacefully with your people.

Unlimited creation of Users with the following roles:
– Administrator
– Product Manager
– Order Manager
– Shipping Manager
– Supplier in Drop-shipping
Constant tracking of all activities of individual Users in a dedicated Log.
Incoming function
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Delegate the confirmation process and synchronize data with your vendors making them autonomous.

Automatic inventory update for drop-shipping orders to Suppliers or massive update via CSV and URL.
Autonomous confirmation or rejection by drop-shipping Suppliers for all orders under their responsibility.
Create and automatically send the Waybill to the selected Courier when shipments are ready for pickup at the drop-shipping Supplier.
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All important operations are tracked and confirmed in this special section of the application.

Accounting Report for Administration.
Outcome of each bulk upload of Product entry and update.
Reports of datafeeds sent and received by individual Sales Channels.

Put everything Poleepo can do for your business to the test.

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